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world. president obama is expected to dress the concerns and other issues at a press conference before heading for vacation today. abc7 news will carry it in a special report at noon. >> today, japan is marking the 68th anniversary of the atomic bombing of nagasaki and the mayor criticized japan's government for lacking effort in international nuclear disarmament during a ceremony. he said his country's refusal to sign a statement rejecting unconditional use of nuclear weapons at an international meeting in april bestrayed the global society's expectations. the first bombing in her row seem killed 145,000 and nagasaki bomb killed 70,000. >> just in time for the small semester a big financial break president obama signs into law affecting millions of college students. >> the obamas go on a date night a special occasion they were >> the burlingame main post office is up for sale. the post office boxes will be moved to a smaller location and the length of the selling process depend on the buyer and how many bids the post office gets. they have been selling post offices across the country
. the government denies the claims but the obama administration is asking the u.n. to urgently investigate. >> more chaos in egypt. ousted former president mubarak is expected to be freed from prison at any moment. last month's military coup has some wondering if they are headed back to mubarak's old regime. we go to washington, dc, for the latest. >> the death toll in egypt is staggering a thousand people killed in a week. enjoy, fear of more tension after two years in jail waiting for a retrial, mubarak could walk out of detail. the prime minister ordered him to be placed under house arrest. >> this is horrible. it will cancel everything we have been through, all the killing, all the blood shed, devastating. >> this is seen as a blow to the 2010 revolution and could give more weight to allegations that last in's removal of the democratically elected president by the military was a step toward running to the old regime. the state department calls it an internal issue. >> working its way through the legal system there. >> senator john mccain made the case for cutting off more than $1 billion in aid
president obama. the 33-year-old staff sergeant learned last if he was going to receive the highest military army. three years ago he braved enemy fire, twice, to save a fellow soldier and found an abandoned radio in the "kill zone" and used it to call support. we talked to his dad when he found out. >> this is braggin' rights. as a dad, yeah, you don't get that very often. >> there are not a lost fathers that can claim they have been able to go through this. >> carter is only the 5th living recipient of the medal of honor awarded for service in iraq and afghanistan. >> we check with mike nicco for the weather forecast. >> we have smoke in yosemite national park and this is yesterday's visible satellite and a picture of the smoke coming out of the forest from 23,000 miles out. the brighter areas are the cloud tops. the smoke has a much grayer tint and browner tint. the clouds faded yesterday and will do the same yesterday. we start off with clouds. some minor drizzle. temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60's. at noon, 74 and 66 at the bay. by 4:00 we are close to average with sunshine and
. >> the governor spoke with president obama who committed federal dollars to battling the fire. the governor could be asking the feds for additional help soon. >> this morning engineers are scrabbling to send more water from the hetchy reservoir to the bay area. ashes falling into the reservoir but not affecting the quality. managers are testing the water they time as day. officials say if the quality is affected, there are other local reservoirs to draw from. >> hundreds gathered in berkeley to remember a city owned camp destroyed in the rim fire. people sang songs and shared memories of tuolumne camp that was overrun by flames over the weekend. it has been in operation since 1922. we will have more on the vigil ahead. >> caltran says the problem with defective bolts on the bay bridge have been resolved as they close the bridge tomorrow night. crews showed us shims they placed under the bridge that have been wedged in place to prevent the span from rocking extensively. caltran says they will be removed in december when new saddles are installed to reinforce the bolts. the bridge will be closed to
president obama, over the weekend, the president vetoed a ruling to prevent the import and sale of older version iphones and ipads because of a copyright infringement. it is day four of a blackout at cbs and cable including show time for millions in new york, los angeles and dallas. knockses have stalled in a dispute with cable, over retransmission fees with the black out starting friday with no end in sight. >> the buddy comedy, with denzel and wahlberg is in first place. wolverine, the x man franchise was in second place. that is america's money. have a >> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning. this is the oakland maze. traffic is light and doing fine. bart strike has been averted for now. after the governor post laughs minute intervention. for now, bart trains are normal but today more people may hit the roads and drive not knowing what was going to happen. right now you can see it looks fine but leyla gulen will keep a chose cry on the bay area roadways and let you know if there is extra volume. >> the san mateo county she
. in san francisco for abc7 news. >> president obama will renew the calls for sweeping mortgage refinancing legislation when he travels to phoenix outlining the plan to urge congress to back bipartisan efforts to shutter fannie mae and freddie mac, the north giants bailed out by the government in 2008 and will then make the 2st trip to california and stop in burbank for his appearance on "the tonight show," before visiting with marines tomorrow. >> baseball fever grips the peninsula as the little leaguers steam along. they won last night the third straight at the west regionals in san bernardino, one of three hits here in the game they had nine runs in the 5th to beat utah at 3-3 under the mercy rule and the next game is wednesday night. bit way, you remember 49ers a few years ago and his son is on the roster. >> mercy will help save the pitching in these quick games. >> you cannot burn out their arm. >> only so many pitches a game. >> they moving on. we have drizzle to deal with. >> like summer moved on. it is gone. somewhere else. it is not coming back. possibly this weekend. well get a l
is calling for increased spending to improve the nation's electric power system. the report by the obama administration says the cost of weather-related power outages is rising after the electric grid is older costing $33 billion a year and is expected to continue to rise. spending to make the bridge stronger and more flexible will save the economy billions. >> the music festival is over after three days of music kicked off by paul mccartney. some found a creative way to get in. now a report from golden gate park. >> nothing worse than being outside the music festival. this has become a way to see a show, all day, police and security guards tried to cap people going over, around, and through fences, one at a time and in large groups. >> they slide right under the fence. it is amazing. just not a job, it is an adventure the. >> she chased off some who were interested in testing the barrier and others were successful the. >> on the other side, when they break in, this is the police compound. when they get to the top, the police officers are looking like, really? >> the end was a performanc
on president obama to pardon him. mike has more on the fire danger. >> the danger is low with temperatures cooler this morning and, still, humid outside but you will notice the change with more 50's across the board and 60's in san carlos at 63 and mountain view is 62 and 60 in fremont and live more and fairfield and 62 in antioch. check out san ramon, 55 degrees, and concord is 58, and 59 in san jose and 57 in san francisco and novato. the temperatures are running now, we can see we have one to six degrees of cooling about everywhere and our day manner today shows clouds rolling in and they will continue to do so through 9:00 and it will be a cooler breeze today so we will top out only in the mid-80's and low 70's around the bay and low 60's at the coast with stray storms possible this evening and overnight and up in the north bay continuing through thursday morning. by friday we will be quiet and saturday it will be cooler. we have construction headed along the peninsula with projects going on, and northbound side of 280 between wood side road and highway 92 crews are out there but it do
should president obama order a military strike on syria. britain says it will put forward a u.n. security council resolution today condemning the syrian government for the alleged chemical attack last week that has killed hundreds of its civilians. the british parliament is holding an emergency meeting tomorrow on the situation. >> hillary clinton runs to the bay area in november for a benefit for the clinton foundation. tickets for the november 6 event start at $150. she is slitted to speak to the national realtors association and a group young voters under the age of 30. many view her as a possible presidential candidate in 2016. >> driving this morning a familiar mist in the summer is back. we have had while you were on vacation. mike has the forecast. >> we will talk about what is going on. thanksthanks for bringing back e drizzle. there is mist and drizzle out there this morning. it will not be a huge issue. the fog is a bigger issue around santa rosa and you can drive into it because of the low ceiling. we will have a lot of sunshine this afternoon and i think the sun angle will all
. >> reporter: as the violence continues on the streets of egypt, there is word now the obama administration quietly suspended some aid to the country. according to the daily beast, the u.s. made the move despite the fact the military takeover in the country hasn't beneficially called a coup. egypt, a key u.s. ally, receives more than $1 billion a year in aid. >> there certainly are consequences for the actions that are taken by the interim government. >> reporter: lawmakers are debating whether cutting aid is the right move. >> that aid is really essential to the ability of the egyptian government to honor its peace agreement with israel. and to provide joint security. >> reporter: the chaos continues in the country. egyptian military leaders said they've obtained the head of the muslim brotherhood and the bodies of 25 police officers killed in an ambush by suspected islamic militants were taken back to a military base in cairo. now there is a growing fear about more tension with word that jailed ex-president hosni mubarak could soon be set free as he waits for retrial. a court ruling sayin
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10